Bio Reactor 6-24


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The Bio Reactor is the ultimate maintenance free biological filter. The Bio Reactor utilizes Bashsea’s proprietary "Bio-Mass" bio media specifically engineered to allow more waste removal in a smaller footprint. Bio-Mass media has substantially more surface area than all other moving bed media in the industry. The Bio Reactor produces the perfect Bio-Motion: A counter-current flow design that maximizes media dwell time. This results in rapid, instant, and continual waste removal making the Bio Reactor a 100% self cleaning system - so there's ZERO maintenance required.

When the Bio-Motion and Bio-Mass INTERACT our "Live Water" environment takes control - Friction created by the interaction causes any old dead bacteria on the surface of the Bio-Mass media to be gently removed. This makes space for new heavier feeding bacteria to rapidly colonize - instantly removing toxic ammonia and nitrite from the water column.

Parent Product Bio Reactor
Model 6-24
Available Styles Blue, Red, White
Product Dimensions
12.25" x 7.25" x 24"
( 31.12cm x 18.42cm x 60.96cm )
Product Weight
11 lb
( 4.99 kg )
Base Dimensions (L x W)
7.25" x 12.25"
( 18.42cm x 31.12cm )
Chamber Diameter
( 15.24cm )
Water Input Diameter
( 1.27cm )
Air Input Diameter (Hose Barb)
( 0.32cm )
Drain Diameter
( 2.54cm )
Recommended Aquarium Setup
NOTE: Bio load can affect recommendations
Flow Rate Min
250 gal / hr
( 946.35 L / hr )
Flow Rate Max
350 gal / hr
( 1324.89 L / hr )
Aquarium Min Volume
75 gal
( 283.91 L )
Aquarium Max Volume
150 gal
( 567.81 L )
Air Pump Tetra Deepwater AP-150 ( or equivalent )
Water Pump Sicce 2.0 ( or equivalent )

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