Apex WAV Controllable Powerhead

Apex WAV Controllable Powerhead

Neptune Systems

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The WAV powerhead is a fully controllable DC pump with a unique pivoting stealth mounting system that allows the pump to be mounted at an angle without a bulky ball joint. The WAV can connect to any Apex system via 1Link cable and communicate with the Apex Fusion app to control flow pattern settings as well as real time flow and temperature monitoring, automatic corrective action, and notifications.

  • Extreme flow (~4000+ gph)
  • Compact size (less total mass compared to nearly all similar flow pumps)
  • Directional flow (pivots with 40 degree range of motion and can be rotated – great for rear wall use)
  • Safe, 24V DC operation
  • Low power consumption – Less than 35w at the wall
  • Multiple operational modes (random flow modes, mirror, inverse, etc.)
  • Easy to clean (pump automatically shuts off when removed from water)
  • Incredibly Quiet
  • Magnetic mount works on up to 1″ glass
  • Easy installation with just a single skinny wire for all power and control (1LINK interface makes it a snap!)
  • WAV pump with integrated 1Link cable
  • Magnetic mount
  • Apex system or standalone 1Link module

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